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Free Demo Signup for t3: Talent Discovery for Small Teams

Free Demo Signup for t3: Talent Discovery for Small Teams

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Free Demo Signup: Unlock the Future of Talent Discovery! 🔓

  • What You'll Experience:
    • Explore our groundbreaking pre-screening and talent matching tools tailored for small engineering teams, whether within startups or larger organizations.
    • Get a sneak peek into our vibrant, active talent pool of diverse STEM professionals
    • Discover the power of our virtual internship program for seamless talent integration
  • Demo Schedule: Interactive demo sessions will start in August, after our summer virtual internships. We will send you an email with details on how to select a convenient time slot and see firsthand how our AI-driven technology can transform your talent discovery and development process.


Unlock a world of opportunities and create a level playing field for the next generation of inclusive STEM leaders!


What We Offer: Future-Proof Your Talent Pipeline! 🚀

Revolutionize Prescreening with our AI-Driven Project Playground: Bid farewell to stale, recycled prescreening questions that fail to accurately evaluate candidates. Frustrated with the effort required to continuously create new, meaningful assessments? Frustrated with the inability to conduct in-depth evaluations and compare candidates objectively? Harness the power of our AI Project Engine to conduct comprehensive, dynamic candidate evaluations, benefiting both candidates and your organization.

Gain Unparalleled Insights with Our Patented AI Evaluator: Immerse candidates in project-centric conversations with our advanced AI mentor, where their responses are assessed by state-of-the-art language models based on customizable rubrics. Start with stored evaluations, then seamlessly transition to real-time prescreening using "shadow projects" with similar embeddings as the projects used in the stored evaluations. Reduce the cost of mishires and mis-interviews by truly understanding candidates' capabilities before on-site interviews.

Integrated Virtual Internships: A 360° View of Vetted Talent: Gain comprehensive insights into candidates through our immersive virtual internships. Sidestep the hassles of traditional internship programs with our seamless, widely acclaimed platform, setting a new standard for talent integration in your industry.

Cultivate Organic Diversity and Build a Stronger Team: Champion enduring change with our inclusive talent pipeline, fostering organic diversity through our approach of providing opportunities at scale. Empower your organization with a diverse, dynamic workforce that drives innovation and success.

Join a Globally Recognized STEM Movement: Our methods have propelled alumni to top companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. We offer diverse programs in Bioinformatics, Cloud Computing, Full Stack Development, Generative AI, Machine Learning, and UX, with new pathways continuously added based on community feedback. Join our expansive network which includes over 80 countries and 400+ colleges. Witness our impact in the STEM community at

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